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Foundation Cracks? Call Our Foundation Contractors

When water seeps into cracks in your foundation and freezes, the concrete can deteriorate much more quickly. It's best to schedule foundation crack repair as soon as you notice a problem with your foundation, especially during the winter months when this type of damage is more likely.

The foundation contractors at EverDry Waterproofing are standing by to assist you with all sorts of foundation repair projects, including filling cracks with epoxy sealant to add strength and keep out moisture. If your problem is more widespread, we might also use the Stabl-Wall™ system to stabilize and protect your foundation from further threats. We'll be happy to tell you about your foundation crack repair options after we take a look at the situation in your building. 

EverDry Waterproofing's team has more than two decades of experience in foundation repair. Our foundation contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. We're committed to our customers' safety and satisfaction, doing great work at a great price. Need foundation repairs as soon as possible? We're available for quick turnarounds in emergency scenarios. If you live in or around Atlanta, contact us at (678) 619-0820 to schedule your appointment. We look forward to restoring your foundation to its safe and sturdy former glory!