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Stabilize Your Property With Foundation Repairs in Rome

Unwanted water can do serious damage to buildings. Not only does it lead to wet basement worries, but you could soon find yourself in need of foundation repair to correct developing cracks. At EverDry Waterproofing, we specialize in foundation crack repair to stop existing gaps and crevices from spreading and causing additional harm to your home or commercial structure. When you’re in the market for a foundation contractor, stick with the team that has 20+ years in basement foundation repair: EverDry Waterproofing. Reach us today in the Rome area by phone or e-mail.

You can feel totally secure with EverDry Waterproofing handling your foundation repairs. We use the tried-and-true Stabl-Wall™ system to ensure excellent results on your basement foundation repair. Made of carbon fiber sheets that can stand up to 10 times more pressure than steel anchors, this easy-to-install system stops cracks in their tracks and prevents further damage to your building. Whether you need commercial or home foundation repair, the Stabl-Wall™ system is a safe and solid solution to cracks caused by moving earth, changing temperatures, and seeping water.

Never underestimate the dangers of a deteriorating foundation. For routine or emergency foundation repair in the Rome region, call EverDry Waterproofing at (678) 619-0820. Our foundation contractors have the training and know-how to accurately repair your structure. Contact us today for prompt service and a free estimate!