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Crawlspace Waterproofing

You probably don’t pay too much attention to that shallow space under the first floor of your building, but what many home and business owners don’t realize is that a wet crawlspace negatively affects the rest of your building, as well as the building’s occupants. However, the good news is that the intrusion of water and moisture can be prevented with professional crawlspace sealing services available from EverDry Waterproofing. We'll help you get--and keep--your crawlspace dry with our expert crawlspace waterproofing services. Designed to handle the specific needs of a crawlspace, our team can help you keep your home or commercial property as safe and dry as possible! Have questions about how to waterproof your crawlspace? Call today to learn more!

Some of the problems that arise from a lack of adequate crawlspace waterproofing include:

  • Infestation by rodents, insects, and other critters that are attracted to moist environments
  • Mold and mildew growth, which require professional mold remediation
  • Unpleasant odors that waft into living and working areas
  • Unhealthy air packed with pathogens and allergens that flows up into your building, causing health concerns
  • Decaying wooden joists, boards, beams, or other structural parts

But all of the above is perfectly preventable with quality crawlspace waterproofing from EverDry Waterproofing. Sealing a crawlspace can even help lower your energy bills and result in a more comfortable environment throughout your building, from warmer floors to healthier air quality to increased storage.

The process of ensuring a waterproof crawlspace differs depending on the specific circumstances of your home or commercial space. If there is standing water, your crawlspace waterproofing contractor may install a sump pump to remove the water from the premises before using dehumidifiers and air movers to remove the remaining moisture from the air. Crawlspace sealing can then begin, using a quality hydrophobic sealant to cover any cracks or seams that could act as entrance points for water. After the crawlspace sealing is complete, the property owner then has the option of whether or not to insulate their newly dried crawlspace with vapor barrier material. A waterproof crawlspace can also be ventilated to prevent other potential air quality issues in the future.

The crawlspace sealing services team at EverDry Waterproofing offers a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor, so you can be sure that your crawlspace will never be the source of unpleasantness such as pests, odors, or unhealthy air again. With more than 20 years in the crawlspace waterproofing business, we know how to design plans and seal crawlspaces to adhere to each property’s individual needs and nuances. Call today for more information on sealing a crawlspace, and our other quality foundation repair and waterproofing services.

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