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Foundation Waterproofing

EveryDry Waterproofing- Foundation WaterproofingA waterproof foundation is a vital way to ensure that a building can remain stable, strong, and safe for many years to come. There are various effective methods and approaches to foundation waterproofing, and all work to help prevent the growth of mold, lessen the likelihood of cracks that could result in the need for foundation repair, and prevent all of the health hazards associated with having a wet basement.

At EverDry Waterproofing, our experts can perform both exterior and interior foundation waterproofing on both new construction and existing buildings. Before we waterproof your foundation, we examine your building and terrain to determine a customized waterproofing plan based on your drainage and blueprints. Offering the best solutions for your specific waterproof foundation needs, EverDry Waterproofing is the foundation contractor in Atlanta for the job. Contact us today via phone or e-mail for your free estimate for basement foundation waterproofing on your home or commercial property!

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

EverDry Waterproofing- Interior FoundationThe goal of exterior foundation waterproofing is to create a shield around the outside perimeter of the foundation. This discourages the water present in the surrounding soil from permeating the naturally porous foundation wall. There are a few varieties of this hydrophobic sealant available, including liquid spray and membrane, and our professionals can determine which material is right for your specific needs. If being applied to a new construction structure, the foundation waterproofing agent will simply be applied as part of the building process. If the work is being done on an existing building, the ground around your foundation will be carefully excavated to expose the  foundation walls, the waterproofing process will be completed, and the ground will be carefully replaced when the work is finished. The basement foundation waterproofing team at EverDry Waterproofing is careful to disturb your landscaping as little as possible during this process. When you want exterior foundation waterproofing done right, we're here to help you.

Interior Foundation Waterproofing

Interior foundation waterproofing is another way to prevent water that is urging its way in through your foundation’s porous walls. Waterproof paint and strong hydrophobic sealant are used to close up the pores in the foundation material to keep water out. This can help prevent efflorescence, mold growth, damage to your property, wet basement conditions, cracks and damage to your foundation walls, and other unwanted conditions. Interior basement waterproofing solutions not only prevent the entrance of moisture, but they can also give your basement walls an attractive finish.

In most cases, our foundation contractors will recommend a combination approach to foundation basement waterproofing depending on your particular situation. We create personalized solutions for interior and exterior basement waterproofing solutions, helping you maximize your results! For more information on the benefits of basement foundation waterproofing, call EverDry Waterproofing today. 

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